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Success Stories

"Dr. Abhishek is very friendly and listen to your problems patiently. His way to make you understand the root of your problem is excellent. My PCOD problem was almost cured with his naturopath treatment plus homeopathy treatment did cent percent its job. I am thankful to him and would definitely recommend him. "

Pooja Ajmera

"He explained all illness with very normal way, my hair fall very relieved and insomniac problems is relieved."

Seema Agarwal


I have always had a good experience with Dr Abhishek. He has good communication skills and is a very good listener. I have been with him much before covid. He understands my problem and administers the right medication. He has cleared my doubts regarding homeopathy. I am very thankful for his prompt action regarding my problems.



"Dr. Abhishek Khandelval is one of the best doctor who listen and understand his patience.
He is very kind and polite during the treatment.and he is a very helpful and good person ...
Usha Homeopathy is the best homeopathy clinic in Jaipur. They have all kinds of treatments.
And I also take the treatment of my mother and younger sister and now she is fine .. Alhamdulillah"

Fiza Khan


Dr. Abhishek is very talented in his profession. He diagnosed the problem in just one meeting. I am from Canada and she diagnosed my son's problem in just one call and that is really appreciated. I would love to recommend him and you will feel safe


Rajat Bharal

"Meeting Dr.Abhishek was a lucky coincidence as we were struggling to find a good treatment to work in tandem with the palliative allopathic treatment of my Wife for Chronic Liver Disease. Homeopathic treatment provided by Dr. Abhishekl helped my wife to start getting better test results and also to feel better and get discharged from the Hospital. Dr. Abhishek gave us a lot of confidence and comfort in those hard times by his patient hearing of the case and advising us . Our family remains indebted and thankful to him for his wonderful treatment and for putting her on the path to recovery. Best Wishes to him and his team."

Supriya Mehta

"After struggling with weight for years, I found Akris Homeopathy and Dr. Abhishek Khandelwal's program. Dr. Khandelwal's personalized approach and homeopathic remedies led to noticeable results within weeks. His compassionate support kept me motivated. Thanks to him, I not only achieved my weight loss goals but also felt healthier and more confident. I highly recommend Akris Homeopathy to anyone seeking a holistic approach to wellness."

Sakshi Gupta

"Candidly, I had battled with my weight for quite some time before discovering Akris Homeopathy and Dr. Abhishek Khandelwal's program. With Dr. Khandelwal's personalized plan and gentle yet effective homeopathic remedies, I saw significant progress within weeks. What truly sets Dr. Khandelwal apart is his genuine care and unwavering support throughout my journey. Thanks to his expertise and guidance, I not only shed excess weight but also gained invaluable knowledge about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend Akris Homeopathy to anyone looking for a holistic and sustainable approach to weight loss."

Anugya sharma